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Technology Check List

Troubleshooting Quick Reminders

1, Check cables- power and ethernet- be sure you check both ends.

2. Wireless connection- on "finder" mode, check the wireless connection in the upper right hand corner next to the speaker icon. It must have dark lines, if not, then click, select "Join Other Network" and fill out the information I gave you about the name of our wireless and the password.

3. Logins- there are only 2 logins, studentlobo and teacherlobo

4. Printer- you can only set the printer in your laptop by going to the "System Preferences". The classroom computers you need to email me with the name/number of the computers and I can set them remotely.

5. "Weird Issues"- Rule number 1: Restart the computer/laptop/printer/ipad/any device

6. If you have a problem you can't fix, please send a request using the "Technology Issues" Google form found in the school website and indicate details of the issue, email me, text me or call me at extension 6426. If I am available at that moment, I can help you immediately. Don't struggle, I am here to support you.

7. Always leave classroom computers on and logged out!