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Instructional Continuity

Los Angeles Unified is committed to ensuring the health and well-being of students and staff and providing a safe, secure learning environment for all.

Please refer to the following resources to help you supplement your learning while at home.

General Resources


PBS Learning Media:

Khan Academy:
General Practice for K-12:


Los Angeles Public Library

Ready, Set, Gold


Support for Students on Alternate Curriculum

Students on an alternate curriculum are provided specific curriculum designed to meet their particular instructional need. In an effort to provide our students an individualized set of materials and resources, teachers will plan and develop materials and resources in support of students on an alternate curriculum.
The following are instructional resources available to students and parents in support of the supplemental learning for students with disabilities.

Unique Learning System (Student Accounts):  The following link provides instructions on how to access ULS Student View Account from home:

Grades 9-12: